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Assessment Schedules

Assessment Schedules will be published to students this week.  These are individual for each student, showing the due dates for all assessment this semester.  You will be able to work with your child in using this information to plan for assessment.  Planning to complete assignments over a number of afternoons / evenings and weekends is imperative.  
We ask that students use their Assessment Schedule to firstly record the due dates for each assessment item in their Student Diary.  The next step is for students to then write into their diary the times they plan to use to prepare for the completion of each assessment item.  Students can plan for the workload relating to tests by writing revision times for each test.  Students need to write revision on the night before the test.  They then write in further revision times for 3 of the 5 nights prior to this date.  For assignments, students are to write the assignment name in their dairy on each night that they will be working on it between the date given and the due date.  In general, they need to build a minimum of 5 times when the assignment will be worked on.
Ask your child to show you that they have done this planning in their diary.  Then take the Assessment Schedule and display in a prominent place, so you can consistently refer to it and give reminders about due dates for assignments and preparing for tests.