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Laptop Repairs Under Warranty


Dear Parents/Caregiver,


ACER Computers Australia, the supplier of our students’ take-home laptops, has identified an issue with the Aspire 1830 laptops involving hinges and loosening of screws. The company has arranged for a team of technicians to carry out the necessary repair work at school from Friday 22nd March to Thursday 28th March. The service will be carried out under warranty and will involve no cost to you.


We encourage all students with laptops to take advantage of this opportunity to have repairs made. This offer is open to all students, including those whose laptops are currently not experiencing any of the identified problems.


Repairs involving other matters, such as keyboard damage, hardware failure and damaged LCD screens are outside the scope of this visit. Such repairs will still need to be handled under the standard repair process at the school.


Handover of the Laptop will be in class groups within year levels and Students will be advised of the specific details by their teachers. Due to the volume of work students may be without the laptop for an overnight period.


The schedule of collection is:-

  • Year 10 collection on Thursday 21 March (period 4)                                            
  • Year 9 collection on Monday 25 March (period 1)
  • Year 11 collections on Tuesday 26 March (period 4) and Wednesday 27 March (period 3)


List of items covered:-

  • Replacement of 2 x 11mm main screws
  • Top Lid, if affected by screws
  • LCD Bezel,  if affected by screws
  • Upper Case Assembly, if affected by screws
  • Lower Case Assembly,  if affected by screws
  • Camera Lens if affected by screws (likely the bezel will need to be adjusted)
  • Lock tight LHS and RHS Hinge screw
  • Lock tight all remaining screws
  • 5 x 5mm screws on bottom plate
  • 10 x 4mm on bottom Cover D
  • Replace and lock tight any missing screws
  • Record condition of the unit for future consideration
  • Rubber around LCD Bezel
  • Rubber Feet on lower casing assembly
  • Chipped Plastic Corners if affected by screws
  • Remove any labelling from old/damaged plastics and re-affix to new plastics


Please free to contact the school should you have any queries regarding this opportunity.​​