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Humanities​​ and LOTE

Study in the Humanities​​ gives students the opportunity to understand the importance of inquiry and major social and environmental ideas for investigating issues in contexts that range from local to global settings. They communicate using different types of texts for specific audiences and purposes. They actively participate, both individually and collaboratively, in their communities in enterprising and creative ways to respond to issues. They reflect on their learning and investigations to make judgments about different values and perspectives.

The Language other than English (LOTE) studied at Nerang High is Japanese.

Global aims


Students use their knowledge about the complex interactions between people, and between people and their environments, to investigate social, political, economic, environmental and cultural ideas and issues. They clarify their personal values and acknowledge others' values and world views in a range of contexts and settings. They develop their capacity for effective community participation and meaningful responses to social and environmental issues. Students understand the world views of Indigenous people and Torres Strait Islander people and their connections to places and other groups, and apply this understanding to their own connections to people and places.


Students use their existing understandings about the Japanese language and culture to further develop their language proficiency and intercultural competence. They begin to appreciate the complexities of Japanese and other cultures, particularly in relation to the less visible dimensions, and also their dynamic and flexible nature. They further develop their understanding of the role of proficiency in another language in the contemporary world of work, intercultural contact and globalisation.

Course organisation


Year 8 and 9

Study of society and environment

Year 10, 11 and 12

Modern History

Ancient History

Study of Society



Studied form Year 8 through to 12.​